Socialists fight Brexit

LOOKING FOR A LEFT WING BREXIT or a Brexit that advances the interests of the working class is pie in the sky. Brexit is a massive attack on the workers in Britain and everywhere else. The only way that Brexit makes economic sense is if Britain is turned into an enormous tax haven with a servile population living in a toxic wasteland brought about by a lack of any environmental regulation.

The one privilege allowed to some working class people is to be allowed to blame and hate scapegoated groups whether black people, east Europeans, women, LGBT people or anyone else who the Daily Mail demonises. Brexit has caused a coursening of the political culture with racist attacks on the rise. Already Arkadiusz Jozwik and Jo Cox have been murdered.

There is no realistic way to use Brexit to renegotiate the power relationships within society in a progressive direction. The advocates of a left Brexit do not offer a way to do so - because there isn’t one.

Socialists need to be honest and not peddle delusions such as the possibility of a left Brexit. The Labour Party needs to be clear - Brexit needs to be resisted as an attack on working class people.

The EU along with every other political formation that exists in the current social system can be categorised as a ‘capitalist club’. The British state by the same token is a ‘capitalist club’ too. The dynamic of Brexit is not to escape the grasping clutch of the ruling class. It is rather to look to solve your problems by dividing yourself from other working class people and to collaborate with the most reactionary elements of the British ruling class.

What alternative should the Labour Party offer? If Brexit is a disaster for working class people, the Labour leadership needs to be clear that Brexit needs to be resisted. While it is good to hold the Tories to account for the way they handle Brexit, the logic of this must be a second referendum. This is the opposite of attempting to thwart the will of the people. It would be making sure that the people are given an informed choice.

This will only work if the racism unleashed by the events since the spring is confronted by a vigorous campaign of political action based on solidarity and acting together. Without doing this the fight for everything else that is important to working class people is in vain.  


Bristol East CLP.