Ian Malcolm-Walker

Stirrings in Bournemouth

Ian Malcolm-Walker

July 3 saw a a rally in Bournemouth. With nearly 1000 people attending, it was small by national standards but significant by Bournemouth standards

Earlier in the weeka man on mixed race had been subjected to racist abuse from a passing white van. The victim's daughter was not having it and went on social media to call a protest.

There were trade unionists present, Labour Party members, people from the LGBT community, people of different faiths and of none. There were people of all ages including a baby with a placard ‘Racism stinks more than my poo’ There was a carnival atmosphere but determination to resist racism.

People told me of kids in schools being told to pack their bags. A Trade Union full timer told me of the same comments being made in factories. The fight against racism is more vital than ever as some will use this vile poison to atomise workers at a time when only unity provides strength.