Diane Jones

What is Red Labour?

Diane Jones
What is Red Labour?

RED LABOUR WAS SET UP IN 2011 as a social media project to raise the profile of socialist ideas in the Labour Party. We had a very significant role in gaining support for Jeremy Corbyn in both of the leadership elections and of course in the 2017 general election.

The Labour Party was originally formed as the political voice of the organised working class via the trade unions and other organisations, and we think it of vital importance that the Party never forgets this.

We strongly believe that the Labour Party is the only viable political party to bring about a socialist transformation of society.

Following Jeremy’s election as party leader, the role of the Red Labour project is crucial in helping to ensure that the party changes, so that it fully reflects the values and policies of the leader and the membership, and that we finally see the back of the legacy of New Labour.

Red Labour is committed to a socialist vision based on an interventionist role for the state, including public ownership and progressive, redistributive taxation, and on fighting for a socialist future, including the restitution of the original clause IV, part 4 of the Party’s constitution.

More detail on Red Labour values can be found on our Facebook page. We do not, in the main, adopt specific policies, and we encourage debate. We’ve taken an active part in working for the election of left candidates for the party’s national executive committee and other bodies.

We have a team of Red Labour organisers, editors and moderators. A committee of officers was elected by Red Labour organisers in April 2017. Comrades in those roles are identified in the notes on our Red Labour Facebook page. We are open and transparent without adopting bureaucratic procedures.

Currently our decision making is conducted by consensus and by online polling.

Our Facebook page now has over 115,000 ‘likes’. Our ‘reach’ and ‘engagement’ peaked during June and our posts continue to be seen far and wide. We post imaginative, attention-grabbing posts using humour as well as serious argument and challenge. We're working to increase our presence and impact on Twitter and more recently on Instagram.

While most of our work so far has been carried out online we have development plans which will enable us to become more active offline. We’re in the process of launching a Red Labour supporter scheme and a fundraising initiative to help us to develop our offline work.This will enable us to establish a more significant organising profile, for example planning events and organising a dedicated presence at demonstrations.

We welcome new supporters! Find us: » on Facebook www.facebook.com/ RedLabour2016/ » on Twitter @RedLabour2016 » and on Instagram www.instagram.com/ redlabour_17  

is Secretary of Red Labour