Greg Hadfield

Brighton and Hove: Hat-trick of victories

Greg Hadfield

AT LAST, WE DID IT! The initial general meeting of Hove Constituency Labour Party elected ten supporters of Jeremy Corbyn to its new executive committee.

More than 100 delegates attended the meeting on 1st March - ending seven months of manoeuvrings by anti-Corbyn activists who lied and cheated in a relentless campaign aimed at thwarting the wishes of grassroots members.

The latest victory means that pro-Corbyn candidates have won all ten seats on each of the executive committees of the three CLPs in Brighton Kemptown, in Brighton Pavilion and in Hove.

In other words, party members are back where they started before Labour's NEC forced the former citywide Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party (BHDLP) to be split into three.

This unwarranted intervention was the result of mendacious allegations about "spitting" and abusive behaviour at BHDLP's all-member annual meeting last summer, when pro-Corbyn candidates won more than 60% of the 600-plus votes cast. Seven months on, after 18 branches in the three constituencies elected nearly 400 CLP delegates, pro-Corbyn candidates scored a clean sweep - with about 60% of delegates' votes.

The Hove meeting was the last piece of the jigsaw, having been postponed for three weeks after antisemitism slurs were manufactured and promulgated by Labour's hard-right against Becky Massey, a pro-Corbyn supporter of Palestine. I am delighted to report Ms Massey was elected treasurer of Hove CLP.

Anti-Corbyn anti-democrats could not, of course, accept defeat gracefully. Always in denial, and always too cowardly to put their names to the lies and the insults, they launched one more attack, on the reputation of another successful candidate, an Iraqi - the only BAME candidate to stand in Hove - who worked to expose Tony Blair's lies about weapons of mass destruction. Is this the end of the right wing offensive? Probably not.

The real battleground is - and probably always has been - the Local Campaign Forum, which will compile the panel of candidates in the 2019 elections to Brighton and Hove City Council. Its members will be named in the next few weeks. Watch this space!

was elected secretary of
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July 9th; the results were ‘voided’ on July
14th; he was suspended on October 26th. He
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