Ruth Clarke

Labour left women leading the way

Ruth Clarke

THE LABOUR PARTY IS SEEKING to address the under-representation of women at all levels, and particularly in Parliament, through all-women shortlists. The training of potential parliamentary candidates has been largely outsourced to Labour Women’s Network, a well-resourced group with links to the centre-right. We need to make sure that, whenever the next General Election comes, there is a pool of able, confident and suitably trained candidates from all sections of the Party.

A group of Labour and trade union women supportive of the present leadership have come together to organise a ‘Labour women in leadership’ conference, scheduled for Saturday 29th April in London. Rebecca Long-Bailey, the new Shadow Business Secretary, will be the keynote speaker, and there will be training and policy workshops on issues that include ‘what women bring to economic policy making’ and ‘how Labour women should respond to the rise of the populist right’.

We hope that the conference will mark the start of a linked-up nationwide programme for Labour left women, with a view to increasing their representation at local and national government levels. We aim to bring women together, to develop networks, and to share information and skills. This is in no way intended to be an exclusive exercise and we’d welcome and co-operate with similar initiatives on the Labour left.

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