THE ESTABLISHMENT IS MEETING stiff resistance to the dreams of a defeated and tamed Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn has come out fighting on an unabashed ‘establishment v the people’ platform. Many activists, inspired by the Corbyn revolution, have re-organised under the banner of Grassroots Momentum. Having called our national conference we convened the first meeting of the elected steering committee. It was a good beginning, full of constructive ideas on how to help organise the Labour left.

The Grassroots Momentum steering committee is one of much experience and many talents, with a mandate from local groups and supporters to fight for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party coming to power on socialist policies. There was a full discussion on the political situation and what would be required to win against the odds once again.

We agreed some key action points. You can expect a cutting edge political bulletin and a revamped social media presence and website - working in conjunction with others on the Labour left during and after the election. Plans are also afoot for postelection meetings to help chart the way forward.

The Economist notes Theresa May’s 20 point poll lead but fears “the electorate is in an irascible mood”. With the effects of seven years of austerity, they may not be wrong. June could well be the end of May - but, regardless of the vote, Grassroots Momentum will help to ensure Corbyn and his movement are here to stay.