Guest Author

A letter to John Woodcock MP

Guest Author

I thought you might like to know that I have already voted for you by postal vote.

I thought you might also like to know that I have voted for you in spite of your appalling and ill-judged comments in the media and public forums about the inevitability of a Tory landslide and the unsuitability of the Labour leadership. Under which, I note, you said you would not serve.

I, unlike you it seems, am capable of seeing the wider picture and of putting the party’s interests first.

If you win this election it will be because several hundred of us - perhaps more - have put a nose clip on and inserted a cross against your name in spite of your behaviour. We have voted for you in spite of your insulting and patronising comments about the candidate your CLP chose to nominate as leader of the party. We have voted for you in spite of your determination to preach the inevitability of a Conservative landslide - never a particularly effective election tactic.

Your behaviour has made life difficult for your campaigners on the doorstep and for voters like me wishing to support the Labour Party. Your behaviour ensured that a bemused and principled Green Party looked at what you had said and reluctantly decided that they, unlike in other constituencies like Carlisle, could not forge a Progressive Alliance given your appalling stance.

So if you win this, it will be a miracle. But if you do that it will be in no small part down to people putting wider interests first. Down to people who want to see a different kind of politics and reject precisely the kind of disrespectful mud-slinging which you decided should be the hallmark of your campaign.

Shame on you. And blessed be the nose-clip wearers.

Yours sincerely,

A Labour Party member in Ulverston.