Ed Potts

Another witch-hunt

Ed Potts

THE HOSTILITY OF THE LABOUR right to ‘Trots’ is legendary. What may come as a shock to Corbyn supporters is that the mantle of witch-hunting socialists and democrats within Labour has today been taken up by a small clique of individuals at the heart of Momentum.

Momentum Youth and Students (MYS) was launched with an inaugural conference in June 2016, at which a committee was elected by 200 attendees. Joe Bradley, MYS committee member and sometime Momentum employee, took some time out from the General Election campaign to propose a 380 word resolution on the committee Facebook group, for immediate vote without discussion. He accused “Leninist / democratic centralist groups” such as the AWL, Socialist Appeal, the Socialist Party and SWP of “a long history of opportunistic and wrecking behaviour”. Of course, the Communist Party of Britain, to which several of the committee’s majority adhere in their politics, was not listed among the bogeymen.

The proposed ‘solution’ was to expel members of such groups from MYS, and immediately remove them from the committee. This is of course completely contrary to democratic norms, and tramples all over the mandate from our only conference to date, which not only elected us but decided on a constitution and criteria for membership. After securing the necessary votes Bradley then requested that his intended targets “please make yourselves known to us so we can #ClearYouOut.”

The Compliance Unit remains in the hands of the right wing bureaucracy, and at some point they’ll come for Joe Bradley and his mates too. Socialism is nothing without democracy.

Momentum Youth and Students National Committee