Maya Evans

Remember Afghanistan

Maya Evans
Remember Afghanistan

This Sunday will mark the 17 year anniversary of a UK backed war on Afghanistan.

What has been achieved?

  • At least 217,000 Afghans have been killed

  • An average of 28 Afghan civilians are killed or injured everyday

  • 3,546 foreign troops have been killed, 456 of which were British

  • It's estimated that the UK has spent £40bn, and the USA $2tn

  • The Taliban currently threaten 70% of the country

  • The Afghan Government is made up of warlords

  • 1 million Afghans are now addicted to opium

  • 1.2 million are internally displaced

  • 1.2 million Afghan children are engaged in 'hard labour'

  • Only 27% of Afghans can access clean water

  • Afghanistan is still one of the most dangerous places in the world

The list could go on....

VCNV is still working in solidarity with Afghan peace activists who are now demanding a ceasefire and a withdrawal of foreign troops.

Please join us this weekend in taking part in some simple but poignant actions to remember Afghanistan.

Join Mary Dobbing (VCNV) with Stop the War at Downing Street, Friday 5th October 5pm, to hand in a letter demanding a withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan and an end to British support of the war.

Join Maya Evans 5th October 6pm Oxford, New Road Baptist Church for a talk on global U.S. bases & USAF Croughton
6th October 12-4pm

Keep Space for Peace

Organise a surgery appointment with your MP and ask:

· Why has the UK Government deployed 1,000 additional British troops to Afghanistan?

· Would they support to end UK involvement?

· As the UK has already spent at least £40 billion on war in Afghanistan, could future allocated money instead be spent on reparations?

· Would they sign the petition?

Download the petition

End the War in Afghanistan

Labour councillor for Hollington ward in Hastings and Rye constituency.