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Democracy review: Make your submissions!

Briefing office

THE LABOUR PARTY DEMOCRACY REVIEW announced at last year’s Conference is now firmly underway a Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) is circulating CLPs with some important proposals on these organisations.

Last year party membership was over 550,000 but BAME Labour had only 731 members. The case for a democratic, accountable, effective, mass-based socialist organisation of black Labour Party members is self-evident.

Young Labour too is a mere shell of what it could be and requires constitutional autonomy and proper resourcing. CLPD is further proposing a stand-alone, two day delegate conference for women with real policy making powers.

The second tranche of the review covers some critical areas and the deadline for submissions is 23rd March. This covers the governance of CLPs, the role of socialist societies, improving diversity and gender representation, the participation and involvement of members, recruitment and the role of social media.

The third tranche - closing date 29th June - focuses on how to elect the party leader, a crucial issue given the attempts of Labour’s right to keep Jeremy Corbyn off the ballot paper in 2016. It also covers the composition of the National Executive, regional structures, freeze dates, the policy making process, including the role of CLP motions, local government accountability and local and national links with trade unions.

CLPD will be making comprehensive suggestions in all these areas and socialists in the Party who want to have an input would be well advised to get in touch. Together we can transform our Party into a radical, broad-based movement that can put Jeremy Corbyn into Number Ten!