Steven Saxby

Fighting to win: Cities of London and Westminster

Steven Saxby
Fighting to win: Cities of London and Westminster

I’M DELIGHTED to have been selected as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster, and to bring my campaigning experience to work with others to win the seat for Labour for the first time in its history. Tory MP Mark Field won by only 3,148 votes in 2017. We’ve already seen Labour candidates elected to the Corporation of the City of London, and we are expecting huge gains for Labour in the Westminster City council elections this May. At the next general election we will turn the parliamentary seat red too!

The constituency really is a tale of two cities, where obscene wealth and extreme poverty exist side by side. It’s a seat the Tories have taken for granted, where the privileged few are very comfortable but where a great many struggle - with devastating cuts, rising rents, threats to tenancies and threats to demolish social housing. Many are struggling with poor air quality, and it is children and elderly people on low incomes who suffer most. From Marylebone High Street to Vauxhall Bridge Road, the air quality levels are some of the worst in Europe.

Only 62.8% of the electorate voted in the last general election in Two Cities. Only 30% voted on the housing estates. People are switched off with no trust in politicians, and the Tories are happy to keep it that way. But it’s our duty to give people hope. We can show that our manifesto will transform people’s lives. We will do that on the doorstep and through building Labour campaigns on clean air, on defending public services, and on solving the housing crisis. We’ll win by winning over those who feel the impact of Conservative chaos, not least on Brexit and on running the economy only for the richest few.

We’ll win just like we did when we campaigned across the river in Battersea last summer, and as we did in Kensington - where we turned those Tory majorities into Labour seats. We will win for the people on the Middlesex Street and Churchill Garden estates; for those living in the shadow of soaring office blocks and luxury apartments, waiting months for simple repairs; for those whose wages have stagnated in a constituency of immense inequality; for those keeping our city moving - stuck on a 1% pay cap.

We will win and start to reverse Tory education cuts. We will win for those struggling to care for us in our crumbling NHS, in despair about further privatisation and the weight of PFI debt. We will win for those on the Ebury Bridge and Mansell Street estates who are fighting to save their homes; for council and private tenants living in fear of being forced out due to rising rents and rocketing service charges; for lease-holders on estates and in housing associations - including in Mayfair, Marylebone, Fitzrovia and Soho.

I’m not pretending it will be easy. We’ll be mobilising within and beyond the local membership, and we’ll need help from further afield as well. We’ll engage people who have been let down by austerity. We’ll win over Tory and other voters. We’ll seek to engage every local member and take no vote for granted. We’ll knock on every door from Knightsbridge to Aldgate, from Paddington to Pimlico, from the Barbican to Bryanston Square.

It’s quite possible that there is no more interesting place in the country to join the #LabourDoorstep, so please join us and help us to make history in the Cities of London and Westminster.

  • Steven Saxby –

is the newly selected Labour Parliamentary Candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster