Graham Bash

I write this in fury

Graham Bash

I write this in fury. It is no use being proven right when we are allowing our movement to be seriously damaged.

I said from the start that the issue of antisemitism was our Achilles heel and that the left's appeasement of this would be a disaster.

So it is proving.

The right went for Jeremy, attacking him as a Czech spy. They were laughed at. They tried to paint him as an appeaser of Putin. They got nowhere. They got nowhere because Jeremy held his line and refused to concede.  And then they went once again on the antisemitism smear.

The left has been pathetic on this - split down the middle, with key sections colluding with this myth of left antisemitism. And so our side retreated - and the result has been demoralisation and despair of our supporters.

We  were criticised for our statements on antisemitism and were told it was a diversion. It is not. It is the issue on which the left can be defeated.

Thank goodness for the puny forces of Jewish Voice for Labour who stood firm and called a counter demo - showing the alternative voice of left wing pro-Corbyn Jews. Where was Momentum? What use is 30,000 members when the leadership refuses to mobilise them?

Sorry, comrades, I am beside myself with anger. If we do not stand united with Jeremy now we will be seriously damaged. Stand united behind Jeremy Corbyn and force him and his advisers to stand firm too!  

South Thanet CLP, political officer of Jewish Voice for Labour and member of the Editorial Board of Labour Briefing