Pauline Fraser

If Labour can win in Worthing, IT CAN WIN ANYWHERE!

Pauline Fraser

LABOUR’S SEVEN SEAT WIN in Worthing on 3rd May was truly historic, giving the local parties in a single day as many councillors as Worthing had elected in almost 100 years. Even better, it provided one in eleven of the party’s 77 election gains nationwide.

Building on last year’s general election results, which gave voters hope for change with Labour, these amazing results were due to brilliant campaigning. Our activists, whether Momentum members or not, turned out tirelessly over six weeks, to canvass and provide the latest voter ID, address and deliver letters and leaflets, targeted to voter profiles using Contact Creator technology. Then, on 3rd May itself we had tellers at every polling station, and got out the vote beyond 9pm.

Our vote share also increased in wards with only ‘paper’ candidates, so laying the groundwork for more success next year

‘paper’ candidate for Tarring Ward, Worthing West CLP