Mick Gilgunn

Tackling the housing crisis

Mick Gilgunn
Tackling the housing crisis

A public meeting will be held at the London head office of “Unite the Union” at 6pm on Thursday 27th September 2018, attended by workers from all trade unions in the construction industry, housing action groups and tenants’ organisations.

The meeting is called by the Construction Safety Campaign, an umbrella group that has fought against the high rate of fatalities and injuries in the industry. John McDonnell, the Labour shadow chancellor, will be one of the speakers at the meeting, for which entry is free.

“Tackling the Housing Crisis” is campaigning to halt the dominance of private developers – and for local authorities to employ their own building workers in large numbers to do the construction and repair work instead. Its only then will we see better standards and the costs of all types of housing start to fall.

Alongside building thousands of new homes, the campaign wants a restoration of tenants' rights, a crackdown on rogue landlords, an end to homelessness.

Tony O'Brien, whose book, 'Tackling the Housing Crisis', was published in July this year, said:

"We want to see a reversal of monopoly control of housing by the private sector property developers and construction companies who have rigged the housing market and make vast fortunes for themselves by driving up rental and purchase costs to hugely unaffordable levels.”

Tackling the housing crisis

6pm, Thursday September 27th

128 Theobalds Road

London WC1X 8TN

Speakers: John MCDonnell MP, Julie Phipps, Unite, Eileen Short, Defend Council Housing, Peter Kavangh, Unite.

For enquires please ring: 07500169151

Islington North CLP, Islington Trades Union Council, Construction Safety Campaign